Halimenta B.V. is an internationally operating company active in various sectors (Water, Energy and Agro, Food & Technology).

Interested in the promotion of investing in, and trade between, Europe and The Middle East and P.R. China.

Focus on the promotion and realization of Modernization & Optimization of AgroFood Value Chains
Rural Innovation Centers
Modern Food Processing Facilities
Innovative Logistic Solutions
HiTech Solutions
Trade promotion in the widest sense
Halimenta: Modernizing Food Value Chains Worldwide
About us


Halimenta B.V. believes everyone should have access to safe and nutritious food. At Halimenta B.V. we combine knowledge from experts throughout the world to promote as well as realize investments and international trade. Our experience and worldwide partner network enables us to bring only the highest quality durable solutions. Current projects concern Agro-Food and Horticulture Value Chains in China, Silk Road Trade Route development and special Educational and R&D projects. See our project-page for more information and feel free to contact us.